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Boutique law firm with a focus on Real Estate, Transactions and Tax
A personal law firm with dedication and individual attention.

Bergman & Eek has offices in prestigious premises in the middle of Lund and clients all over Sweden and abroad. We are a Boutique Law Firm specializing in selected business law areas. The firm’s in-depth knowledge in our specialist areas means that we are able to effectively help and assist our clients based on each client’s unique situation and needs. In addition, our assignments often include more than legal advice, and we are happy to take the role as a sounding board in business matters.

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About us

Bergman & Eek is a business law firm based in Lund, Sweden with a personal approach and high competence. We put a high value in accessibility, flexibility and commitment. Within our specialist areas, we offer our clients what is usually called qualified full service, i.e. advice and assistance in all aspects of a case – from the beginning to the end.

Our clients are mainly owner-managed companies, funds, banks, real estate developers and real estate companies, both municipal and private. The firm’s niche focus and the employees’ insight into and knowledge of the business areas in which our clients are active, enables us to contribute with added value in connection to our legal advice. We gladly take on the role as a long-term adviser to our clients and are able to assist on an ongoing basis in various types of projects, from planning to implementation. We often carry out projects in co-operation with other actors within our large network of partners.

Bergman & Eek is run as a true partnership where the result of the law firm is shared equally among the shareholders. Our working method means that each case is handled by the lawyer (-s) who are best suited to the task in question. The firm’s lawyers work together to provide the clients with the greatest possible business benefit through the overall knowledge and experience of the firm.

Every company needs legal support from time to time. We are no exception. We take the help of Bergman & Eek in both big and small questions. It would have been impossible for us to have that knowledge in-house. And we always get quick and easy-to-understand answers.
– Robin Berkhuizen, Emrahus

Niche Areas

Bergman & Eek is a Boutique Law Firm with a niche focus on real estate, transactions (M&A) and tax law. We are of the opinion that each assignment should be handled by a lawyer with excellence in the relevant legal area. This makes it possible for us, together with the client, to find needs-adapted and cost-effective solutions.

Fastigheter, rådgivning, advokater


Our real estate assignments relate to purchases, sales, ownership structures and financing of real estate. Different issues for real estate owners and tenants relating to lease agreements, property development, redevelopment, rent negotiation, detailed planning, building permits and mortgages are managed on an ongoing basis. We also carry out due diligence investigations of real estate and real estate companies.

Transaktioner, bergman eek advokater


The area of transactions includes, among other things, business transfers, mergers and acquisitions, collaborations and joint projects. We have extensive experience of transaction assignments and we always have a number of ongoing transactions. We assist our clients throughout the entire process. Involving Bergman & Eek early on in this type of assignments is advantageous since initial business decisions often has great legal significance, not least in terms of tax. When it comes to major acquisition processes, we can handle a lot of information quickly and securely.

Skatter advokatbyrå Lund


Most actions a company undertakes entail a fiscal impact. We have extensive experience in tax advisory services in many different situations, ranging from taxation and VAT management in day-to-day operations to implementation of successions as well as more complicated transactions and tax issues concerning owner-managed companies. Through continuous contact and reconciliation with our clients, we can ensure that tax aspects are included in all decisions. Tax consequences are something that should be investigated before new projects or plans are launched. We also have many years of experience in tax procedures.

Our Team



Senior associate

+46 708 18 46 50

Specialist in tax and ownership issues concerning closely hold companies, real estate projects and transactions.

Daniel Eek


Senior associate

+46 733 66 72 72

Specialist in real estate, transactions, corporate law and financing.

Helena Bergman


Senior associate

+46 733 580 132

Corporate law, transactions and business law generalist with international experience. French-speaking.



Senior associate

+46 735 04 68 64

Specialist in tax and ownership issues concerning closely hold companies and transactions and termination of pension foundations.




+46 704 91 43 39

Specialist in tax law, with extensive experience of tax procedures at the Swedish Tax Authority and in court.




+46 709 20 90 22

Specialist in real estate law, rental property law and commercial dispute resolution with experience of representing clients in court proceedings.




+46 708 63 18 64

Generalist with extensive knowledge of business and tax law.

Find us

Adress: Kyrkogatan 13, 222 22 Lund.
Parkering:Parking: Parking limited to 1-hour are found nearby our offices. We recommend using the parking area by the railway station (Västra Stationsgatan 10) or in the underground parking by the Town Library (Sankt Petri Kyrkogata 6).

Information relating to reportable cross border tax arrangments (DAC 6)

Due to the regulated duty of confidentiality that applies to lawyers who are members of the Swedish Bar Association, we are prevented from reporting any arrangement referred to in the EU directive on the automatic exchange of information relating to reportable cross-border arrangements (DAC 6) to the tax authorities. Our duty of confidentiality applies unless our client releases us from it by expressly instructing us to report.

In the event the client does not instruct us to report, then primarily the other advisers are responsible for ensuring that the transaction is reported (and ultimately the client). Other advisers may thus be required to report arrangements to the tax authorities; however, our duty of confidentiality prevents us from informing other advisors that they should report, meaning that we will not inform other advisers of their obligation to report.